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International Experience

Culture & Inclusion

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International Experience

  • Our campus and our city are diverse, welcoming places that embrace other cultures and traditions. In fact, many of our students have inspired local celebrations of their own traditions, such as Holi Fest.
  • UL Lafayette is truly a home away from home to students from over 70 countries. Our Office of International Affairs staff is here to help you through your journey.
  • We offer scholarships and assistantships to international students.
  • Our students make strong connections and build a community of scholars and friends. Many even stay for the holidays and enjoy celebrating with their new UL Lafayette family.
  • You don’t need to be proficient in English to start school here. You’ll have an immersive language learning experience while at UL Lafayette. And the Intensive English Program offers high-quality English as a second language instruction to students, scholars, and professionals from around the world.

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As an international student, coming to Lafayette was extremely rewarding. I got to see so many people appreciate my culture and embrace who I am as an individual. They love to ask me questions about where I'm from, my language that I speak, and they kind of make me feel like I'm welcome here. And that's the one thing I love about this university and about the community around it.

Being an international student, studying in the United States, it's expensive. And that is why I chose Lafayette because it's an affordable institution with the best quality education. And that's one thing that drove me to come to this university and it is one reason I've stayed.

The Intensive English program is a program at this university that kind of helps the international students integrate better into their classes. We have professors who are also proficient in other languages that help these students as well integrate into the other classes.

Because of all of the events and organizations that university provides, it makes it easy not only for the international students, but also for the students from here to get to know other people, other cultures and get to know those international students.

One of my favorite things about Lafayette are the festivals that happen at Lafayette. One of my all time favorites is Festival International. My first Festival International, I remember a seeing [inaudible] who is a famous Nigerian singer. I was amazed, super shocked. But also, it was the best feeling to be so many miles away from home, but see someone who reminded me so much of home.

I think great things happen to UL Lafayette. I have met so many special people here, including my wife, which is awesome.

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