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Connect Through Tech

  • We strive for a student experience that is seamless and flexible. You can take control of your learning experience through the tools we provide.
  • A top priority for UL Lafayette is improving our students’ technological experiences in the classroom.
  • We have a combination of traditional and SMART classrooms, as well as learning spaces that are mobile and customizable.
  • Many of our students work part-time or full-time and at least a third of our students take online courses during their careers. Our goal is to ensure that they have all of the resources they need, anywhere they may happen to be.
  • Our mobile app allows you the flexibility to access University resources from your phone. You can even schedule and pay for classes from your device on the go.
  • We offer a variety of hybrid and online programs. Hybrid courses allow traditional students to cater their schedule for flexibility. Online programs provide students a top-notch education from University experts at the pace that works best for them.

So here at UL Lafayette, a lot of the classrooms and a lot of the programs here, are trying to implement technology as much as we can. It's, you know, advancing every day. So a lot of the classrooms try to build on the technology and help you prepare for day-to-day life that you will actually use whenever you start your career.

I absolutely love the university app. It's super helpful. I use the mobile app to check emails, to do all my finances on my phone, my schedule of classes. And our Moodle program, it's basically an online classroom for each class where you can talk to your professor, turn in assignments, chat with classmates, and to keep up with the classroom. And it's very helpful whenever you can just check an assignment or check when a due date is right then and there on your phone, instead of having to open up a laptop and do all that.

So I've taken online classes, super user friendly, super easy to understand. The PowerPoints were so easy to follow. The teacher was talking through the PowerPoint.

It was like a video. So it was just so cool to be able to almost be in a class and not be in a classroom at the same time. And I can take it at my own pace.

It really helps me stay on top of my game and succeed here at UL Lafayette.

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