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Parents' Perspective

Making the Transition

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Parents' Perspective

  • We care about your student and we’re ready to provide a home away from home. We are known for our family-like environment and strong sense of community.
  • Always feel free to contact the Office of First-Year Experience with any questions or concerns you may have about your student’s experience.
  • We pride ourselves on being active communicators and will send you updates and messages all during your student’s first year.
  • There are many resources on campus to help your student successfully adjust to college life, such as Cajun Connection, Freshmen Week, and Soul Camp.

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U of Lafayette was the best fit for my daughter, because we looked at many different schools. But when we walked on this campus and did our tour, we knew that this was the school for her because of the way everyone made her feel.

We at the office of first year experience spend and a lot of time working to help students, the freshmen and the parents, with the transition from high school to college. And we want to make sure that parents and students have all the answers that they need to make sure that once they come here in August, they're prepared and ready for classes.

The communication here from the University has been outstanding. Because we are constantly being contacted either via text or email from the office of first year experience, to really make that experience unmatched.

UNIV 100 is a course where students really can take something that they're really excited about, but in the scope of that class we have helping resources. So the UNIV 100 instructor and peer mentor are there to help those students individually through those challenging steps in that first semester.

Because we're transitioning them from a home to a new home.

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