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Once a Ragin' Cajun, Always a Ragin' Cajun

Making the Transition

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Once a Ragin' Cajun, Always a Ragin' Cajun

  • Ragin' Cajuns are adaptable, determined, innovative go-getters with a strong sense of community. These values and traits are carried throughout life, beyond the brick and mortar campus.
  • The Association of Future Alumni gives students the opportunity to get involved, network with community mentors, and gain leadership experience.
  • Your name will live forever at the University thanks to the Walk of Honor. Each of our graduates receives a brick on the walk, which meanders throughout campus. Alumni often bring their families back to see their bricks years later.
  • There are alumni clubs and chapters across the country. No matter where you are located, you have a connection to the Ragin’ Cajun family.

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The important traits that comes from this university here are folks that are go getters, folks that are action oriented, and folks that make things happen.

The skills they learn here are transferable into whatever career path they decide to choose.

The friendships that I have made have been everlasting since I graduated. And those bonds are strong, and it's fantastic. And what it all goes back to is that sense of community.

So the Association of Future Alumni is a student organization that students can join once they're a sophomore or above. And they basically serve as the ambassadors of the Alumni Association. So they can speak on behalf of the Alumni Association. They can help us with our programming, philanthropic work, as well as public relations activities.

We actually have 23 Ragin' Cajun alumni chapters, and these are more interest based and major based.

To come back and see to my brick on the Walk of Honor is truly, truly unbelievable. It lets us know they were not just a number here. That we're part of the community, and then we're enshrined here for our lifetime. So that makes me proud, happy, and the true Ragin' Cajun spirit.

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