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Life at UL Lafayette

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Make Your Mark

  • We have almost 250 organizations on campus, so no matter what you like, you can find your passion, your place, and your people.
  • We have many leadership development opportunities beyond organizations, such as the Emerging Leaders Summit and the Ragin' Leadership Academy.
  • We have a rich Greek Life experience that develops students into leaders, friends, and invested members of the community. Our Greek Life program assists with academic goals and we're proud to say that our Greeks have some of the highest GPAs on campus.
  • Our University is dedicated to giving back to the community and most of our organizations have a community service component. In fact, last year our students contributed 181,000 hours of service to Lafayette and the surrounding areas.
  • Getting involved on campus is more than joining an organization. It's attending events, working with a professor to do research, or mentoring other students.

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There are tons of leadership opportunities here at UL Lafayette. No matter what organization you join, there's always a chance for you to advance in that organization in a leadership position. We actually have 200-plus student organizations here on this campus, which is crazy.

There's no way you're not going to fit it into at least one, or even more than one. With the amount of organizations you have, somebody will find a home in one place, which is amazing.

Welcome Week is one of the big traditions we have, so you have several events that happen during that week where students feel like they're becoming a part of the universe. Especially for the freshman class coming in, we have the SGA giving out donuts the first Monday of Welcome Week. And we also have my favorite part of Welcome Week, which is the [? block ?] party, where, a lot of businesses around Lafayette come on campus and give out free stuff.

Academics is a big part of Greek life here at UL Lafayette. You actually have to have a GPA requirement just to stay in a sorority or fraternity. So they want you to keep your grades up while you're in school. Also, lots of the Greeks have study groups and things like that in their own sororities and fraternities. Each organization has a different charity that they partner with to specifically raise money for. So it is really great knowing that being a part of a Greek organization is doing something bigger than yourself.

Community service is one of the larger aspects of our get-involved standpoint here at UL Lafayette. Our student organizations have a combined total of about 181,000 community service hours in the greater Lafayette area.

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